Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge

~Plato-Greek Philosopher

What Lies Within The Insightful Corner?

The Insightful Corner is just one of the many corners of the web in which knowledge, inspiration, and a keen closeness to human emotion can be found. Thoughts of existentialism, nihilism, purpose, emotion, and knowledge are explained by a Meer young writer with the goal to share ideas with the world. Read poems that delve into some of the deepest, most complex human emotions, read about, judge, and communicate with the writer ideas concerning philosophy that are written and posted throughout the site. Read stories, essays, poems, and writings concerning some of the deepest ideas human thought and self awareness within “The Insightful Corner”.

So Where Do I Start?

  • Visit the “Poetry” page to delve into both rhythmic and free verse expressions of human thoughts and emotion
  • Visit the “Writings and Essays” page to delve into philosophical ideas. Open your mind to new ideas concerning humanity, philosophy, and morality
  • Visit the stories page to delve into the realities of characters who are exposed to life lessons and ideas! Go on journeys with different characters discovering humanity, the many wonders of it, and more!
  • Delve into a community of writers, philosophers, and readers in “Google Chat” by visiting “The Community” Page. Here, you can engage in chat rooms and talk to a community of philosophers online. Share poetry, ideas, quotes, and thoughts online and get a chance to be quoted on the Community Site!
  • Take a look at the creation of “The Insightful Corner”, and the author of the poems, essays, books, and more posted online on “The Insightful Corner” Page. Contact the author individually through the email posted on “The Insightful Corner” page as well!
  • Take a look at the “Inspirations” page where recommended songs, podcasts, and books by other authors can be found


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