Each symbol is a spinning concept,

Mysteriously converting into a greater or lesser quantity;

Or maybe equating into a theoretical symbol that doesn’t exist,

Becoming less than nothing.

With every inscription is a world of wonder;

Every calculation is a dangerous adrenalizing dance of repetition,

As the dancer avoids abstract and conceptual error,

Searching for a precise position and perfect everlasting footwork.

Some steps are easily and lightly taken,

And the well known theoretical adversary is cooperative and simple,

Almost guiding the dancer to logical thinking.

But some steps turn into impossible and complicated twirls,

And every dancer is left at the feet of this numerical nemesis.

In this world of mathematics,

Every known concept is a root and branch leading to the unknown,

Every theory is a pathway,

And every idea is a possibility.

In this easily complex dance against this great mathematician,

I dance longingly but wearingly,

To master and outhink this great theoretical thinker,

In this spinning world of mathematics.