My mind takes me to a sandy bank

In my world so peaceful and quiet

And across the night sky scenes play

Clips and instances of previous life illusions

And I watch the creation of my actuality

Or at least of the parts I understand

And I observe the development of the crystals

And the first time my city was built

I espy the first sprouting of my grand oak tree

And I admire the initial gear that created my being,

For this nighttime illusion has become my distraction

Replaying in the sky

And taking me back to when home and my reality met

And it coincided peacefully with one another

Long before self awareness blessed my mind

But cursed this once peaceful realm.

This nighttime illusion is both an escape

And an imprisonment

During which I relive moments I wish I could return to

And I am reminded of the horrible things that provoked my struggles

They are the things that disrupted a childlilke mind

But invoked an understanding beyond my years

This nighttime illusion is one of many

For the realities are numerous and visions are plenty

However I am overcome by love and hate,

Understanding and confusion

As I sit on the shore and watch the replay

Of a nighttime illusion.