Theres something hidden deep within the heart of every human being, and it can be found if one just listens in to their own reality. There is a sadness, a joy, a peace, and a deep chaos rooted in everyone that creates the passion and desire that fuels a persons actions and behaviors. This deep emotion, exceeds far beyond simple words, and the extent of it varies from person to person. It is this relativity and lack of words that formulates poetry. It is the need for expression of a persons story, a persons emotions, a persons thoughts, and a persons single reality that creates the art of poetry, and all other forms of art. Within a poem, multiple deep meanings can be found that express a multitude of mysterious and beautiful ideas. On this page, poetry as such can be found. Poetry that talks about the wonders of life, different complex emotions, and the different thoughts of a single reality can be found within these pages. The poetry on these pages are written more though, than as a mere expression of one person reality. The poetry on the page is a call out to all those who seek to understand parts of themselves and their own minds that are mysterious and enchanting. Delve into this poetry, knowing that this poetry was not just written for the author, but for the reader as well.

I have never started a poem who’s end I knew. Writing a poem is discovering.

Robert Frost

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