Welcome to the Insight Corner! This website is simply a blog and community run by a younger writer with the intent of expanding work and creating a friendly environment and group for individuals to engage in philosophical, literature based, and insightful talk. People who come here, come to be inspired, to find new material, to read poetry, stories, and writings, to engage and listen to podcasts, to share with like minded individuals, engage in surveys, and more!

This community enjoys fun and playful talk, and also approves constructive criticisms of work. This website is also a judgement free area where people are free to express themselves as long as they refrain from sharing and writing offensive content. This includes ANY type of slur, and inappropriate language that does not pertain to a literal or written work that is being shared. Any provocative language used as an insult will be taken down, and repeat offensive users will be blocked.

It is a requirement within this sight, to refrain from plagiarism. Please, cite or state your sources if they do not belong to you. The author of this site, may as well use sources from other writers, sites and books. The author of the site will abide by copyright laws along with all else, and give credit to any author of any account quoted, along with any book, website, song, photo, and more. If the author of the site is to quote any material from a user, permissions will be asked along with what information the user desires to be shared as a form of sourcing. This is, under the condition, that the user is okay with their quotes being cited and used on the site.

Please confirm the terms of use below in the survey you have any Q/A, you are free to write them below. Answers can be found in the daily blog as well.