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“Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings -always darker, emptier, and simpler” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

About “The Author”:

My name is Sheryl Elena Rojas-Cooper. I was born on June 9, 2004, and I am one of the many individuals out there with a story to tell and a thought (or more) to give. My story runs deep into human reality and emotion, and I experienced both the dark and bright sides of life at an early age, and the extent of the experience grows at an increasing speed the more I learn and the more I write about the things I feel and see.

I was told by a special someone that everyone has an “emotional bandwidth” of a sorts, in which one experiences the same intensity of sadness as they do joy, anger, love, etc… This therefore creates a perfect balance! But, the peculiar thing about humanity, is that the length of this ‘bandwidth’ varies between individuals. Factors such as experience, thoughts, education, and nature impact an individuals emotional bandwidth, and therefore some people experience intense emotions not felt by another.

Sometimes, a simple word such as ‘sadness’ or ‘love’ cannot express the true extent of the emotion felt by an individual. What makes this idea worse, is the reality that a self aware individual must accept that their reality, their emotional bandwidth, will never be felt in the same precise extent by anyone but themselves. This though, is what makes art vital to humanity. Art, is the attempt to express something that cannot be shown in an ’emotion chart’ nor can it be shown in just a few words. Art, is an expression through imagery, description, comparison, and personification that is embedded in every picture, book, essay, poem, song, dance, and work of passion and love. It is the attempt to express oneself, in order to show the world just a smidge of what is being experienced within. This is done in the hopes of feeling less alone, of finding relief, or finding oneself in the maze and great drama known as life.

This here, the reasons listed above, the idea concerning emotion and humanity, it why I created this website and why I choose to write. I have been trying to express my thoughts, feelings, stories, and ideas since I learned how to lay them out on paper in a structured way when I was in third grade. Looking at my story, seeing the imagery and hidden meaning, I understood what passion was for the first time. I found a release, a talent, and a relief between each written letter and typed document. Since then, I have found a profound passion within my writing and reading. I have found a way to express the worst darkness, the beauty and pain behind it, and my most beautiful lights and the deep ugliness hidden within it. I have found a way to verbalize the philosophies I read. I have found a way to unpack ideas, purposes, and thoughts all the way down to the one thing many people puzzle over at night as they try to piece together a mental and emotional puzzle that seems to miss multiple pieces.

With the way I have described who I am, it may seem like I am special or unique. In all reality, I am no different than any individual out there who spends hours trying to understand and comprehend the mysteries and emotions of reality. I am no different than the individual, because everyone out there lives within their own fabricated lonely reality. I though, am just one of the many lonely people who have something to say, something to share, and something to give.