October 3, 2021

Sheryl E. Rojas Cooper (The Author)

From the day we are born, we are all consumed by something. As we grow older, we are shaped by something that consumes our beings from the outside, turning us into different forms of energy to be put into something else in the universe. We are consumed by out loves ones, our jobs, our schools, and our selves. As we are formed by what uses us, we are soon allowed to make a decision on to what we spend our lives on.

What was that thing that the philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche once said?

“In his lonely solitude, the solitary man feeds upon himself; in the thronging multitude, the many feed upon him. Now choose.”

~Friedrich Nietzsche

What an interesting quote, and what a melancholic one at that! It seems as if making and loneliness share a characteristic unlike any other, and it is this characteristic that helps each thrive. Within each idea and thing concerning loneliness and society, is the need to consume a man. In physics in order for work to be done, there must be a constant input of energy to be consumed. Like the laws of physics, so are the laws os society and loneliness.

Within a society, individuals must exist in order to keep it functioning. These individuals though are consumed in the process of functionality, for they spend their limited life time making a society work unconditionally. The day that an individual has nothing left to give to a society, is the day that they are used up and rejected. This though, is not as terrible as it seems, for it is the law of nature. Society, like all other natural living things, consists of different niches that need to be filled by working individuals. These individuals, shall be consumed until they have nothing left to give. Once this happens, their position will be replaced by the younger generation and so on and so forth.

Like a society, loneliness has its way of consuming a man just as equally. Instead though, it is no longer outside individuals that feed upon a man, but the man who feeds upon himself. Within constant or even temporary solitude, a man will consume his time and therefore consume himself in the only company he has when alone. His thought are both his companion and enemy, for they assist in the development of reason throughout quiet solitude, yet they consume him as a form of payment for his thinking. In the end, the manner in which man spends in his life has the same outcome concerning consumption; now, it is more of finding the preference and benefit of self consumption or societal consumption. -Or perhaps, seeking a perfect balance between both forms on consumption.

Determining the better spent life is not as difficult as it seems, as long as one can establish what they desire. Self consumption through solitude produces an outcome of wisdom through perpetual thought and silence. Within this silence, a lesson can be found in order to find a temporary purpose for our short-lived existence. This lesson, especially when written, can last for an eternity, and can be passed down onto different generations who in turn can come to their own personal decision on a better spent life.

Within society, true fulfillment can be harder to find if the intent of spending energy is for mere acceptance. Acceptance in and of itself, is impossible to reach in completion within society. Mankind is too unsatisfied with itself to be fully satisfied with one person, so there will always be a cliche or group of individuals who will not accept your cause nor efforts to support your community or species. An attempt to appease all will be an attempt to divide ones self, and therefore divide ones thoughts and ideas. Until the world and the individuals within it decide to settle with one true religion, idea, and set of values, there will be no appeasing the world as a whole.

Although the intent to find approval from an entire society will never result in true fulfillment, there are ways to find fulfillment through delving oneself into society. To find fulfillment within a society, is to first set a personal goal in order to support society and its future. The analyzation of a society takes time, and it takes a certain amount of humility to understand that although you may need society to find fulfillment, society shall never need you in the same way. Once this realization is reached, acceptance is required, and then a goal must be accepted in order to better society with the goal of self completion. Some people due this through helping the poor, through helping the youth and elderly, through establishing business, by administering philosophical speeches, by creating inventions, and so on… . The intent of every individual who seeks to better a society varies, but must be established in order to create a goal. 

This though, will create the same amount of fulfillment for one who seeks happiness through this form as someone who seeks happiness through a life of solitude and contemplation. People who end up unsatisfied with their way of living don’t end up unsatisfied because what they did was particularly wrong, but because it was not what they truly wanted to do in life. Perhaps it sounded good, but towards the end it became tedious and unfulfilling. Perhaps they were trying to follow the same example as someone else who seems particularly happy. Perhaps,, very few individuals are actually happy with themselves in the end because they simply don’t see any steps to fulfillment in this life. Regardless, one must take a path and make a choice in what consumes them.