I fell in love with something one time long ago,

And at that same moment I fell into hate with it as well.

Crashing through brambles and thorns 

I fell into a passionate flame and it burned.

But at the same time I floated softly and slowly into something sweet,

And it was relaxing.

Wouldn’t it be a surprise to learn,

That it was the love that I crashed into,

And the hate I floated into?

For my soul was comforted by the familiar,

But taunted by the unknown I had let myself crash into quickly and violently.

I fell in love with something one time long ago.

Mind you, I don’t say someone, but I say something.

For it was not him nor her that I fell in love nor hate with,

But the thing within that being.

There, within that human over the horizon,

Was something I craved like an instinctual beast. 

It was something that when caught I would love,

Until it died the next morning from my harsh grip.

I climbed out of love with something one time long ago,

I used the thorns as handles and they stabbed me when I climbed.

I flew out of the hate with one jump,

And like a trampoline I went flying into the sky

And I hit the ground with a harsh thud. 

I bid both the chasms I fell into goodbye,

For the hate became annoying and the love always died.

I fell in love with someone one time not long ago,

And I loved everything about that magnificent being.

That thing I hunted was gone, but something new was in its place.

It was beautiful, and it was the person itself,

Standing over the horizon just waiting for me to walk up.

I did not fall through thorns, nor did I float into something soft,

But we fell into each other,

And we caught each other in turn,

And the best part about it was that the next morning,

They were still there.


This poem, is a teaser to a book called “The Impetus to Inanity” that is planned to be published too! The alert of this and knowledge on the book and its publish date will be posted. To check out information about this poem, click the link below: