It’s a sunrise of the mind

At least in how I perceive it,

Traveling into present time,

At least that’s how I believe it.

Coming back here from some place,

Though I don’t know where I had gone,

With no little but a small trace,

Of images at the come of dawn.

To wake up from this dream,

Oh I could only imagine.

For this reality isn’t as it seems,

It holds so much more within.

A faint bit of sun within a smile,

And in every tear there is a storm,

In every cruel statement is something vile,

And in every outburst is a swarm.

In every thought is something racing

To an unmarked finish line,

And I am constantly facing

A face that isn’t mine.

I’ve come to realize that waking,

Isn’t always what is seems,

For these images I’m making,

Are all within my dreams.